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Near to Luxembourg city and the Cloche d´Or area as well as the major roads, you may enjoy the place and be part of it to build your own project for your company on one of our plots available under emphyteutic lease for a minimum period of 27 years:

  • Surfaces of land from 2,000 m²
  • Several phases depending on the type of activity
  • Many facilities to come (public transport, restaurant, bakery, nursery, overhead parking ...)

Currently available:

  • Phase I (High tech and new technologies)
    Another 5 land plots of 3.200 m² to 5.000 m² modular and cumulative
  • Phase II - Lands deliverable end of the first quarter 2021
    Modular plots from 2,000 m²

To come up :

  • Phase III - Land available in 2023
    Total area of 38,000 m²
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