The founding of the Poudrerie de Luxembourg s.a. goes back to the year 1906. At that time the activity was in the production of explosives for mines and quarries. The so-called “Luxite explosive” gained worldwide attention and was the success engine of the company for many years.

Your site is named ParcLuxite, carrying on the spirit of innovation.

At the time when the mining of iron ore began to decline in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the company had already successfully began its conversion in diversifying its activities:  in 1976 the Company ACCUMALUX SA has been founded.

ACCUMALUX SA has specialised in manufacturing of starter battery sets of polypropylene and of industrial batteries. Today, manufacturing is done in 7 production halls, on more than 14.000 covered sqm, and ACCUMALUX SA exports 100 % of its production in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Today, ACCUMALUX GROUP counts over 300 employees all around the world.

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